3 - Day Event to Benefit Breast Cancer Awareness and Local Families

Last Updated 9/21/2023

League of Legends Jackpot/Qualifier and Benefit Barrel Race kicks off September 29

This 3-day event is going to be a success! We are looking forward to all the participants, vendors, and spectators coming out to the covered Bob Holmes Arena in Live Oak, Florida. Proceeds from this event will also help benefit the Suwannee River Breast Cancer Awareness Association and local families battling breast cancer. 

We will kick off with the Open Tie Down at 8 am on September 29. The Open Tie Down has an additional $250 in added prize money and is an American Contender for the East region and a Junior Patriot Qualifier for 19 and under. We will also be offering tie down for 15 and under and 12 an under as well.

One of the fastest growing events in rodeo will also take place - breakaway. Breakaway is growing in leaps and bounds, and is one of the fastest events in rodeo, with many of these top competitors stopping the clock in under 3 seconds. The Open All Girls Breakaway is pending WPRA approval, but is an  American Contender for the East region and a Junior Patriot Qualifier for 19 and under. We will also offer 15 and under for the girls, but 12 and under will be open to girls and boys, with both offering Junior Patriot side pots for each division.

Several events will be offered through out the weekend, including the Open Steer Wrestling with an American Contender side pot and 19 and under Jr Patriot side pot. goat tying for 19 and under and 15 and under, open pole bending, and multiple team ropings with Junior Patriot side pots. There will be an open 4D barrel race Friday night, with a youth side pot, offering a little something for all ages to participate.

Pilgrim's Pride Sponsors $2500 added Benefit Barrel Race

Pilgrim's Pride is invested in this community. Thank you for helping making this event be as successful as it can be, so we can give back to the community through the Suwannee River Breast Cancer Awareness Association.

This OPEN 4D Barrel Race will start at noon, with exhibitions running in the morning from 8 am to 11:30 am. WPRA approval is pending. 

Looking to be a part of this event?

If you or someone you know would like be a part of this event, please contact us at [email protected]. We are still accepting sponsors and vendors for this event. Join us, along with Pilgrim's Pride and Wes Haney Chevrolet in supporting the cause! More information is also available on our website.

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