When It Comes To Community, Pilgrim's Doesn't Chicken Out, They Have Pride

Last Updated 9/21/2023

Pilgrim's Supports Everything in the Community

In August of 2023, time was spent in Live Oak with local businesses to garner support for a local fundraiser that would benefit local families battling breast cancer. Throughout these conversations, several businesses suggested that we contact Pilgrim's Pride, a local chicken processing plant located on Highway 90 just west of town. Everyone agreed that Pilgrim's supports everything in the community.

We made the short drive across town to Pilgrim's Live Oak plant. We were astonished by the flow of traffic in and out of the facility, as if school had just let out. At that moment, we realized it was shift change and there was a tremendous number of employees moving about. It was evident that they are the largest employer in Suwannee County.

Sitting in the HR department, we were able to view the interaction between several factory employees and HR staff. The conversations were courteous and relaxed, not something you typically see during negotiations between management and employee. It was obvious that each person was comfortable with the process of trying to accommodate the wants and needs of the other. This demonstrated the deep commitment on behalf of the company to maintain a strong, positive relationship toward the welfare of the employees, as if they were family. The organization and the people were impressive. 

Shortly after arriving, introductions were made with the plant manager. He kindly took time to meet with us without an appointment and listened patiently to our request.  Immediately upon hearing that this was for the benefit of the community, it was apparent that he wanted to support the event, The Suwannee River Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit Barrel Race, being held at the Bob Holmes Arena in Live Oak, Florida on October 1, 2023. It was obvious that he and the entire staff of Pilgrim's Pride represent a corporation that is committed to the loyalty of supporting and giving back to their employees, their families, and the citizens of the communities that they serve.


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For more information on Pilgrim's brands, career opportunities, and their impact on the communities they live and work in, visit www.pilgrims.com

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