The National League of Legends Sports and Rodeo LLC is a production company open to all aspects of competition. Our goal is to put on great events for the success of our contestants and is geared towards everyone, from the trainer to the elite athlete. Good leadership and commitment to the community will prove to be what it takes to satisfy the wants and needs of contestants and families alike.

The owners, Misty Easler and Shaeley Jenkins, are both fully dedicated to the success of each and every participant. We hope to have nationally recognized affiliates and have productions across the nation. However, our primary goal is to bring large events to the southeastern portion of the U.S.

Shaeley has grown up in a family that has competed in the sport of rodeo for over 40 years. The 2022 graduate has always had a love for barrel racing and rodeo competition. While being a young and upcoming competitor, Shaeley has always had a growing desire to be a producer of this fast growing and ever changing sport. As fate would would have it, Shaeley got the opportunity of a lifetime by partnering with one of the best in the business, Misty Easler.  

Misty has nearly a decade of leadership experience in youth rodeo associations. Beginning the first year with just 30 participants to almost 200 competitors in year five. Misty has been responsible for starting and managing one of the fastest growing youth rodeo franchises in the nation. Misty knows what it takes to have a successful event. Professionalism, consistency, and good communication are part of what has led her to local, state, and national recognition. 

On behalf of Shaeley, Misty, and the National League of Legends Sports and Rodeo, we are inviting you to be a part of our growth and future. Together we stand, divided we fall.